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Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

While I haven't had any recent trail cam photos of the coyote pack hanging around the house, I have seen the fox twice in the last month.

The first was on the trail cam from March 10th, with a time stamp of 19:18 (to the right).

The morning after this photo I measured 5.3" of snow at 7:00. It looks like the fox was out searching for food before hunkering down during the storm.

April 5th.

I was looking out the window on a Sunday morning and spotted a fox running across the snow from the woods to the house.

After running for the camera, I found the fox below the bird feeder off the edge of the deck.

With the railing blocking my view, this was the first shot I got (to the left). I think the fox was chasing the squirrels up the tree.

I took the following two shots as the fox gave up and continued running across the yard (to the right & below).

All the other photographed animals.

And as a reminder, I wrote a post with all the animals that my trail cam captured next to my house, which can be found (here).

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