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25. 26. Arctic temps last night, more tonight. 27. 28.

I had -9.3 this morning, the lake shore hovered between -5 and -10 while it was colder inland.

-25 Fifield (Price Co)

-24 Barnes (Douglas Co)

-23 Glidden (Ashland Co)
-23 Clam Lake (Bayfield Co)

-23 Minong (Douglas Co)

-21 Hayward (Sawyer Co)

-20 Ino (Bayfield Co)
-20 Cable (Bayfield Co)

Chilly last night, colder tonight?

This morning's discussion (2:46) from the NWS Duluth mentions that the coldest air will pivot over northern Wisconsin tonight - potentially there will be colder temperatures tonight.

The forecast for me last night was about -8 and I had -9.3, while the forecast for me tonight (above) is -20.

I measured 17.6 inches of snow pack in my yard this morning, I believe this snow contributed with radiational cooling last night.

The birds must be cold!

Chickadees, Nuthatches, and Grey Squirrels have been attacking the bird seed this morning. This picture (
to the right) is of a Chickadee at the squirrel-proof feeder on my front deck.

I also have a heated birdbath, next to the feeder, it's been hard to keep it filled as the water evaporates so quickly in the cold and dry air.

I love watching the birds, and my cat, Amenti, loves watching the squirrels. Apparently the feeder and bath are not for the birds, but entertainment for the cat!

And finally, I thought I'd have a little fun (it's all relative).

I was going back through some old posts and found this picture (to the left) that I took of my yard on October 11th (original post here).

The growing season ended with a hard freeze on September 15th (average first frost occurs on that date), but some of the Sugar Maple's kept their leaves a few more weeks. The first snow didn't fall until November 7th, almost a month after this picture.

And then there is this second picture (to the left), taken today, March 7th - almost five months after the first.

I would like to take another picture to add to this series after the snow melts and things begin to green up... but that's a month or two away.

Currently, at 13:27, it's 8.3 with a wind chill of 4 degrees and mostly sunny skies. Dew point is -14.9 making an RH of 33% and pressure is 30.49 "Hg.

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