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The weather improved today -- winds slackened and some sun broke through the low clouds before sunset.

A damp deck this morning suggests some mist or drizzle fell overnight. Ashland reported light rain at 2:53 and 3:15 a.m., but my raingauge reported less than a trace. My confidence in events are too low for me to actually report any precipitation.

The morning broke with overcast skies, a continuation of the last three days... starting to fit my image of what England feels like. Winds, however, were a bit less.

Today's numbers: (morning low temperature) as of 21:00

Temps: 39.3 / 42.6
Dewpoints: falling from 40 to 31
Barometer: peaking at 30.31 "Hg and falling
Windgust: 13 mph NNE at 2:37
Rain: confidence too low... trace???

Current Numbers at 21:03

Temp: 32.4
Dewpoint: 31.4
Barometer: 30.20 "Hg
Windspeed: calm

The overnight forecast for my location calls for an overnight low temperature of 30 degrees. That's 2.4 degrees away with ten more hours of night... we'll see how low we will go!

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