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I grabbed an image from NOHRSC this afternoon of estimated snow depth across Wisconsin, showing that except downtown Milwaukee, the entire state should have some snow on the ground for Christmas.

Up here in the Northwoods, we always have a white Christmas, but the largest area of deep snow this Christmas is actually in western Wisconsin, from snows yesterday and this morning.

I was driving through the Penokee Range this afternoon and hit a white-out around Mellen on Highway 13.

Wisconsin DOT reports that Highway 51 in Iron County is ice covered with other highways in the region covered in snow.
Around 16:00 this afternoon, US-2 east of Ashland had both lanes closed due to an accident. Roads will stay slippery tonight, drive safe!

Lake-effect snow has been streaming southward from Lake Superior this afternoon, bringing snow to the high terrain of the Bayfield Peninsula and the Penokee Range.

A total of 4-7 inches are expected from Mellen to Hurley by tomorrow morning, with 2-4 inches falling overnight.

We've been having a few flurries in Ashland, after a dusting on Christmas Eve. Highways along the lakeshore are wet but clear.

The lake-effect snows will shut off tomorrow morning as the winds switch directions and temperatures will begin to warm up. This will be the start of a warm week ahead of us, which will help the roads melt off, but may cause headaches later in the week.

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