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A final map hasn't been produced yet, but preliminary numbers have been plotted and it looks like quite a large area received over 8" of snow from our first snowstorm.

As expected, the immediate lake shore along Lake Superior received only minor accumulations.
Madeline Island reported 1.1" of snow, the shoreline north of Bayfield reported only 0.2", and I measured 1" in the city of Ashland.

Conversely, the highest amount in Wisconsin was measured at Hawthorne in Douglas County at 11.0". Maple came in with 10.5", which would mean a bullseye would need to drawn in central Douglas County.

Rain began on Saturday morning around 6:40 at my location and gradually turned over to snow around 10:00. There were periods of heavy snow throughout the day on Saturday, but the bulk of the snow initially melted as it touched the ground in Ashland. My first photo shows the ground beginning to turn white just before 13:00.

Temperatures rose from the low 30's early Saturday morning up to 38 degrees by the afternoon. Combined
with a warm ground, the snow melted fairly quickly.

By Sunday morning, all the snow had melted, leaving only traces where I had scraped the slushy mixture off the walkway to facilitate melting and drying.

The National Weather Service and their watches and warnings matched up with the areas that were impacted the heaviest. My previous post shows the complex snow forecast for far northern Wisconsin.

The snowstorm left many vehicle accidents in its wake, but thankfully only one was fatal. Around 10:40 on Saturday morning, there was a collision on US Highway 2 in central Bayfield County that left two people dead and one in a life-threatening condition. I took a screenshot from the local Daily Press article which shows one of the vehicles in the accident.

Our low elevation along the lake shore saved us from the heaviest accumulation during this snowstorm.

I took a screenshot of my weather station's plotted data, showing temperature (blue line), dew point (green line), and barometric pressure (black line), overlay with some observation times of the precipitation.

The large dark-red horizontal line is set at the freezing point, so it's easy to see how temperatures at my location stayed warm throughout the event.

To my southwest, Derek in Polk County received more snow and has posted some pictures from his part of the State at NW Wisconsin Weather.

And finally, OSNW3 in Oshkosh has posted a radar animation of the storm system as it spun across the western Great Lakes region.

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