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I put together a map showing the reported snowfall totals, and a picture of my deck covered in white!

But first, as an addendum, I forgot that I wanted to link to OSNW3's radar loop from the storm. All his observations from Oshkosh, with pictures and more radar loops can be found on his observation page (here).

OSNW3 broke the radar loops up into each day, I picked the day (above
) when the majority of the snow hit the region.

Snowfall map.

Since it seems the surrounding NWS Offices did not put together post-storm snowfall maps, I went through the storm reports and created this map (to the left).

The highest total I found in Wisconsin was in northern Iron County at Gile... 17" total.

There were much higher totals in the UP of Michigan, the highest I found in the western UP was in central Baraga County... with 29" total.

I spent much of Monday outside of Ashland in Ashland County, where all the precipitation fell as rain, while only a few miles east in the higher terrain there was heavy snow. Elevation and proximity to lake-enhanced moisture created some very heavy snows across part of the region!!

Snow on my deck on the Bayfield Peninsula.

All the heavy snow stayed 40 miles E and SE of my location, I did see more snow at my house... only 0.5" inches. The rest of the precipitation fell as rain, albeit a chilly rain with temperatures in the mid-30's.

I took a picture (to the right) of my deck covered in snow on Monday evening.

I measured a total of 0.73" of liquid from three days, most of which was rain.

First & Last snow dates this winter.

The first snowflake fell on Maple Hill October 27th, 2008. Assuming that no more snow will fall this spring, the last snowflake fell on Maple Hill April 21st, 2009.

This is a duration of 176 days, which is 18 days longer than last winter (158 days).

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