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Sunny this last week, and sunny the next!

Yesterday I snapped two photos of my yard on Maple Hill. Not only are there Maple Trees in my yard, but the entire 2 square mile hill is aptly named.

This first picture (to the right) is my front yard, Red and Sugar Maples in the front, with Basswood, Spruce, Oak, and Hemlock behind.

This winter I have measured 85.3" of total snow. This is 5" less that last winter.

This second picture (to the left) is looking at the front of the house.

My weather station is on the right, mounted on a pole. Snowbanks from the deck are still visible as large heaps of white on the right of the deck steps.

As of this morning, at 7:00, I have 11.4" of snow still remaining on the ground. With more sunshine, this snow will continue to rapidly melt.

Most locations at lower elevations are already snow-free, while the higher elevations of the Bayfield Peninsula still have plenty of snow.

Snow totals from the last snowstorm -- April 1st.

I'm very late in posting a follow-up of the last snowstorm to impact the region, ten days ago. This was also the last time I measured any precipitation, so we've entered a dry spell.

Locations north and west of Duluth received heavy snow, while northern Wisconsin received either all rain or snow-rain-snow.

I measured 3.9" of snow and over 0.5" of rain. My rain amount is only a guess because it is hard for me to separate the rainfall from the water equivalent of the snowfall. Either way, it was a wet storm.

It was that snow and water that has allowed my snowpack to turn into a solid layer of icy snow that is having a tough time melting.

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