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** Updated Thursday morning.

This first map (to the right) from the Hydrodmeteorlogical Prediction Center (HPC) shows the probability of snowfall over 8". The darker blue areas have a medium change (40-80%). This also means that anywhere colored in blue has a high chance of seeing at least 6" of snow.

In addition, there is uncertainty if Lake Superior will enhance snowfall along the northern tier of Wisconsin counties. Lake Superior has a high degree of ice coverage at this time, but so far that has not shut off lake-effect snow this winter.

The winds are forecast to travel southwest down a long fetch of the Lake, there is indeed a good possibility that far northern Wisconsin will see greater totals.

Warnings & Advisories.

Like last time, I took a map (to the left) that displays the NWS's warnings and advisories, on top of which I placed the NWS's forecast snow totals.

** The freezing rain threat for southeastern Wisconsin has diminished. Instead a mixture of sleet, snow, and a chance of lighter freezing rain is possible.

Other blogs to read.

Plenty is being discussed about this storm by other bloggers, so I'd rather point everyone in that direction instead of repeating what has already been said:

Tim - Duluth/Superior area
Derek - northwestern Wisconsin
Scout - southeastern Wisconsin
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And always posting great post-storm summaries, OSNW3 in Oshkosh,WI is a great blog to read.

The storm begins.

I captured this screenshot (
to the right) from Intellicast.com this morning at 7:45 CST.

Snow is beginning to invade the region with light freezing drizzle and freezing rain in the southern areas.

An excellent source of radar views can be found on WI-INFLOW's pages:

Northwest WI
East-central WI
West-central WI
Southwest WI
Southeast WI

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