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There really isn't much to talk about, so I'll post a couple pictures from Maple Hill.

With a temperature near 20 F across northern Wisconsin, the sun and blue skies are a pleasant change from the snow and clouds of Monday and Tuesday.

The paved side-roads still have a layer of snow covering the asphalt, but sunshine will slowly sublimate the snow off.

This picture (to the right) is looking west from this afternoon.

And I took a snap of the upper driveway and house (to the left). The sugar maples, ironwood, basswood, and birch trees are all bare; the hemlock and white spruce are keeping things green.

As the same with the first picture, this one too is looking west.

Temperatures were cool across the region last night (minus teens inland with single digits closer to the Lake). Clear skies continue today across the entire area before the next system moves in from the west.

A satellite view.

I've embellished a visible satellite image (from GOES 12) taken at 13:45 this afternoon (to the right).

Fresh snowfall shows up as white across Wisconsin. Thicker white clouds are moving into Minnesota from the Dakotas, which will continue pushing east into the evening.

In fact, southern Minnesota and Wisconsin could see several inches of snow this evening as a low pressure system strengthens as it moves eastward through Iowa, northern Illinois, and the LP of Michigan.

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