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Ice Storm Warning and Freezing Rain Advisory issued.

An ice storm warning has been issued by the NWS for the Arrowhead from 9:00 Monday until 12:00 Tuesday for up to 1/2" ice.

A freezing rain advisory is in effect for part of northwest Wisconsin, from 9:00 Monday until 6:00 Tuesday, for up to 1/4" ice accumulation.

A look at my current snow depth.

When I took my snow measurements Saturday morning (before sunrise) I took a picture of my measuring stick (to the right).

21.3 inches, which is down almost half-an-inch from the previous morning.

So far this winter I have accumulated 60.4 inches of snow total

The first snowflakes fell on October 27th in my backyard.

The last time I measured rain (or liquid precipitation) was on November 14th, since then it has been all snow.

I have had snow continuously covering the ground since December 6th, which reached a maximum depth on January 20th with 23.1 inches of snow.

Graphed numbers.

Anyone who glances at my blog knows I like visuals. So here's a look: I put my snow numbers from this winter, and last winter, into a graph (to the left).

The solid lines show my cumulative snow depth (running total) and daily snow depth.

This winter has been a little bit snowier than last for my area.

Monday's (2.9.09) Storm Update.

It looks northern Wisconsin will see some freezing rain Monday afternoon, but it will turn over to rain Monday night.

This graphic (to the right) shows the NWS graphical forecast (link) for 12:00 and 18:00 (6:00p) Monday. Green indicates areas that will likely receive rain while purplish is freezing rain.

To reiterate from my previous post, the exact precipitation type (i.e. rain or freezing rain) will be determined by only a couple degrees. A slight nuance will change which locations will receive significant ice or only rain.

The Arrowhead of Minnesota seems like it will be where the worst freezing rain will be located. They are preparing for dangerous conditions and possible power outages. (Duluth News Tribune article)

As the system pulls away Tuesday and Tuesday night, the entire region could see some light snow as cold air returns for the rest of February.

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