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25. 26. Snow and possible thundersnow. 27. 28.

Moderate snow across the region this morning.

My lightning sensor (Stormwise LSU-2002) clicked a few times, so I had to check the radar (to the right). This image is from Wunderground.com.

One blip showed up on KDLH at 10:01 this morning just northwest of Duluth, MN.

Based on my sensor, and that a lightning signature showed up on the StrikeStar network (a network of personal Boltek Lightning Sensors), it looks like thundersnow is possible today.

In addition, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued a mesoscale discussion (# 149) for a large portion of Wisconsin (pictured below).

This discussion mentions that heavy snow is beginning to develop in Minnesota and Wisconsin, with snowfall rates approaching 1" per hour in the heaviest snowbands.


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