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After a snowy December and an average January, February hasn't brought much snow.

I've posted this graph before, but I've added the most recent updates (
to the right).

Dashed lines indicate cumulative snowfall and daily snow depth from last winter.

Currently I have 15.9" of snow on the ground, with 62.9" so far this winter.

The recent melt has brought our snow cover down to match last year at this time.

Daily snowfall.

I've graphed daily snow totals from this winter (light blue) and last winter (black) in this chart (to the left).

It looks like we can expect two periods of heavier snowfall -- around Christmas, and around April Fool's Day.

January's end and February are drier times, usually when arctic air suppresses snow to our south.

Only flurries lately.

12 Feb: 0.1" new snow.

13 Feb: 0.5" new snow.

14 Feb: 0.9" new snow.

15 Feb: trace of new snow.

This radar screenshot (
to the right) comes from my GRlevel3 at KDLH in Duluth, MN. It shows only light flurries from the northwest on Valentine's Day evening.

The drought across Wisconsin continues to expand (US Drought Monitor). The entire state really does need several massive snowstorms to gain enough liquid before the spring melt.

Upcoming storm Wednesday.

A low pressure is forecast to track along the southern Great Lakes as a cold front slides south.

NWS Duluth's
Daily Weather Story (to the left) shows where the first snow will fall today and tonight, across northern Minnesota.

Tomorrow, the snow moves into Wisconsin a
s the cold front slides through. There will be an opportunity for an inch of snow before lake-effect snow will bring several more inches. The highest snowfall will likely occur along the South Shore, where 5 to 8 inches are possible.

In addition, wind will begin to create blizzard conditions across the UP as winds begin gusting between 30 and 40 mph as winds blow across the big Lake.

Current Watches, Warnings, and Advisories.

I've taken a map (to the right) showing all the warnings and advisories across the UP and Wisconsin from MichiganWxSystem.com, on top of which I labeled the expected snowfall totals from each NWS Office.

The highest amount in the region is expected in the central UP where winds will bring heavy snow off the ice-free waters of Eastern Lake Superior.

It does look like the entire state will see snowfall from this system.

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