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With a dusting of snow this morning, more is on its way across far northern Wisconsin.

I captured this radar screenshot (to the right) at 6:54 this morning, from the radar site KDLH in Duluth, MN.

Light snow continues to spiral across the region this morning as a low pressure moves eastward across northern Illinois.

Behind this Illinois system, some light lake-effects snows will impact Lake Superior's south shore.


The NWS Offices believe an inch is possible across the entire region, with higher amounts from Lake Superior along the South Shore of Michigan and Wisconsin.

This graphic (to the left) is from NWS Duluth and highlights the northern tier of counties as seeing anywhere from 2-4" up to 6" in the Penokee Range of Ashland and Iron counties.

At 7:00 I measured only a trace of snow on Maple Hill, but while the flakes are small, they are also becoming steady and persistent.

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