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It really was a cold January.

Last January (2008) had an average temperature of 14.8 degrees (F).

This January (2009) had an average temperature of 7.5 degrees (F).

To demonstrate the difference, I put together a quick graph (to the right) showing high and low temperatures from both years.

The dashed lines indicate last January, the solid indicate this January's temperatures. Only one week of January 2009 was warmer than 2008.

After a cold January, it ended with a heat wave.

A very strong low pressure system cruised across southern Ontario bringing warm air up from the central Plain States.

This map (to the left) is from MichiganWxSystem.com and shows the warmth Saturday (31st) evening.

The warm air even reached northern Wisconsin. Temperatures in the region actually reached 40 degrees in most locations around sunset.

I measured 41.5 degrees at 17:50. Ashland reached 41 degrees and Port Wing hit 45 degrees.

Very strong winds blew across the region from Ontario's low pressure.

The highest measured wind gust I found in the region was 62 mph at International Falls, MN (not pictured).

I put this map together (to the right) of the highest gusts reported.

The highest gust I found in Wisconsin was 57 mph at Port Wing on Lake Superior.

The highest gust I found in Michigan was 54 mph at Rock of Ages near Isle Royale.

I couldn't find any reports of damage or power outages, but I believe there were some trees down on power lines north of Duluth.

Snow across the region followed the wind.

A cold front dropped down behind the wind, bringing colder air from northern Canada.

A weak impulse along the cold front brought snow and lake-effect snow to the region on Monday (2nd) and Tuesday (3rd).

A lake-effect snow warning was in effect for the southern shore of Lake Superior, with the possibility of up to 8" of snow in certain locations.

The highest reported snow fall (link) has come from Birch Hill along the Ashland & Iron County line, with 10 inches (estimated).

The heaviest snow bands have missed my location on Maple Hill. My two day total has only been 2.8" of new snow.

The winds continue to funnel down Lake Superior from the NE, with light snow still falling across the south shore this morning. However, with all the ice cover on Lake Superior combined with backing winds will shut off any snowflakes later today.

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