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Freezing Rain Advisories have been expanded over northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.

The NWS Office in Duluth has added the remaining counties of its county warning area in northern Wisconsin to the previous advisory.

The NWS Office in Green Bay has issued a freezing rain advisory for six counties in north-central Wisconsin.

The NWS Office in Marquette has issued a freezing rain advisory for the western Peninsula counties.

Temperatures remain near or below freezing across the region this morning. Even if air temperatures rise a few degrees, there is a threat that surface temperatures (e.g. roads) will remain cold enough to freeze rain on contact.

The highest ice accumulations are still forecast for the Arrowhead of Minnesota where up to 1/2" of ice is possible by Tuesday.

Out ahead of the system.

Already this morning sleet and freezing rain have begun across the northwoods. This radar screenshot (to the left) is from KDLH at 9:44. WI-INFLOW's GRlevel3 radar image can be found (here).

The first precipitation episode occurred in northern Bayfield County a few minutes after 9:00.

Temperatures are hovering around 30 degrees -- both on Maple Hill and Ashland's airport (KASX).

These scattered showers are ahead of the main system, which is forecast to arrive later this afternoon. Precipitation is then expected to become more constant and widespread.

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