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This morning the NWS in Duluth issued a Windchill Watch for their entire forecast area.

Windchill Watch
between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Everyone continues to watch the cold pocket of air currently centered over the Yukon of northwestern Canada (map below). Three clippers are forecast to dive southeast into the Plain States this coming week, each bringing a piece of this arctic air southward into our area.

The wording of NWS Duluth's Windchill Watch:

" An arctic airmass will push into the region starting Monday afternoon. The combination of
brisk northerly winds with very cold air
temperatures is expected to result in extremely
cold and dangerous windchill values of 40 to 55
below zero Monday evening through Tuesday
morning. Under these conditions frostbite can
occur in less than 10 minues."

This watch will likely be upgraded to a warning as the cold temperatures draw nearer.

Somewhere, over the rainbow.

This map (
to the left) is from Unisys Weather and shows measured temperatures this morning at 08:00 CST across all of North America.

I've targeted the colorful bull's-eye that shows where temperatures are lower than - 50 degrees F this morning.

This pool of cold air is what has been forecast by the models to begin spilling southeast in waves. The first wave will reach Wisconsin by Monday evening, the second, stronger wave will arrive late Tuesday night. A third, weaker wave is forecast for the weekend. These waves of cold air will not break any major records (see my previous post), but will certainly produce more ice on Lakes Michigan and Superior.

A nippy forecast at my location.

I've updated my graph (to the right) from yesterday's post
with the newest NWS forecast temperatures for my location.

Blue line: forecast high/low temps
Red line: forecast windchill values
Dashed: average high/low temps

In addition, a few inches of snow are possible Monday evening as the clipper sweeps across the area. After the initial clipper there are possibilities of lake-effect snow from Lake Superior along the Wisconsin and Michigan south shore snowbelts. The exact timing and any possible amounts are too difficult to be predicted at this time.

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