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Gotta get back in the groove after the holidays: next snowstorm coming.

A winter storm will be moving our way this weekend, staring on Saturday and tapering off on Sunday.
Already Winter Storm Watches cover the northern third of Wisconsin, as well as neighboring states.

This graphic (to the right) is from INFLOW-WI.org and shows where Watches are already in place.

The models have been coming into agreement over the last two days, but a few of the details may change a little before the snow actually starts.

How much & where?

NWS Duluth put this graphic together (to the left) that shows where they believe the heaviest snows will fall.

I fall squarely into the 8" or more category. The HPC puts the chance that I'll see over four inches above 70%, so regardless of what exactly happens, I'll have to get the shovel and snow blower ready.

This system will also affect the rest of western Wisconsin, include Polk County, where Derek will be updating snowstorm information on his blog - NW Wisconsin Weather. NWS Minneapolis is forecasting between 4 and 8 inches of snow for his area. A graphic showing their expectations can be found (here).

Good radar source.

And finally, I wanted to post a link to an excellent source of radar across Wisconsin. INFLOW-WI is a group of weather/ham radio enthusiasts who have created a website with many graphics and much information. Among the treasure-trove is online GRlevel3 radar data from the five radar sites covering Wisconsin. The link for KDLH's GRlevel3 radar page is (here).

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