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They're over a month overdue, but I finally uploaded the pictures from my Southwest trip to a web album.

Departed Wisconsin: 28 November
Returned to Wisconsin: 18 December

Total number of states driven through: 8
Total number of miles driven: ~ 4,500

Snowstorms dodged: 2
Highest elevation: 10,857 ft amsl.

Number of cribbage games w/ Eliza: lost count.
Number of nights I froze my ass off: lost count.

Anyway, without further ado, you can browse through the pictures by following this (link). A map of our route can be found below.

A few locations we stayed at.

F: Bandelier National MonumentWikipedia)

G: Chaco Culture National Historical Park (Wikipedia) -- UNESCO World Heritage Site.

H: Mesa Verde National Park (Wikipedia) -- UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I: Great Sand Dune National Park (Wikipedia)


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