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A quick answer to your question, Barb (thanks for asking!).

I couldn't find any archived snow measurements from Superior, maybe if I keep digging I could find something/someone. However, just over the Blatnik Bridge there are some very good reports going back many years. For your comparison I hope this is close enough.

I wasn't able to find an "average" December snowfall number, so I can't say if this year (or the last several) have been snowier than average. It looks like December has become more snowy in the last couple years.

Also of interest... the snowiest December in Duluth was in 1950 with 44.3 inches of snow during the month, the second snowiest was 41.7 inches in 1996.

I hope this helps!!

Addendum - 15 January.

I could have kicked myself, yesterday, when the lightbulb in my head finally lit up. Barb wondered if Superior, WI (northern Wisconsin) had more snow in December 2008 than in December 2007. The data I found, and put in the graph, suggests that snow fall amounts between the two years were very similar. I remembered that last December (2007) was a lot warmer than this most recent December (2008).

So I looked up the archived daily high temperatures from the two months and compared the results (graph to the right).

Dec 2007 saw five days 32+ degrees, with the two highest days at 37 degrees.

Dec 2008 had only three days 32+ degrees, with the warmest day at 35 degrees.

The point of my epiphany was that Barb noticed more snow this last December because less of it melted than last December.


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