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I've gathered all the reports from the arctic snap last week, put the numbers on a map, and I have added my own weather station's graph.

From each reporting station I found the lowest reported temperature from January 13th to 16th and put each temperature on a map (to the right).

Some stations didn't report every morning, so there may actually be colder temperatures that were not reported.

From what I found, an automatic reporting station 8 miles northwest of Minong in Washburn county measured the lowest temperature in the state during this last cold snap... -39 degrees. A close second was Moose Lake in north-central Sawyer county with -37 degrees.

NWS Duluth's summary.

The National Weather Service in Duluth (KDLH) put together this map (to the left) with summaries of certain cities across the Northwoods from last week's cold weather.

The red lettering on the map shows high temperatures measured each day, the magenta lists the low temperatures. Beneath each row of high/low temperatures are the total hours measured at each city of below-zero temperatures.

Ashland's temperatures did not rise above zero for three days and had a minimum low temperature of -20 F. In addition, Ashland measured 85 consecutive hours below zero.

From my weather station.

I clipped this screenshot (to the right) from my weather station during the cold weather.

The blue line shows temperatures measured every 10 minutes, the purple line shows windchill values.

My location remained below zero for 84 hrs 10 min, from exactly at midnight on Tuesday morning until 12:10 Friday afternoon. My lowest temperature tied with 16 December 2008 at -18.4 degrees.

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