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Falling temps, rain changing to snow, some accumulations expected today/tonight across the snowbelts.

My weather station's high temperature (since midnight) was 41.5 degrees at 3:40 this morning. Since then temps have been slowly sliding. The light rain this morning turned over to light snow just after 9:00. Currently at 10:30 I have 32.9 degrees with light & steady snow... the first snow from this system for my location.

At 7:00 I recorded 45 and 37 degrees as my 24-hour high/low temperatures. The rain gauge reported 0.25" of rain had fallen in the previous 24 hours.

The radar from KDLH shows snow bands moving south off Lake Superior this morning - this screenshot (to the left) was from 7:13. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for the south shore of Lake Superior, the snowbelts of Wisconsin and Michigan always get the higher amounts. The NWS forecast calls for accumulations less than 2 inches across the region.

NWS Marquette's webpage
NWS Duluth's webpage

Ground temperatures are still warm, so a majority of the snow will begin melting on contact. However, roads will become slushy and slippery while the grassy areas will begin turning white.

Wisconsin State Patrol noted that US2 between Ashland and Hurley had slippery stretches at 7:00. The same conditions were reported on sections of Hwy 70 and Hwy 8 south of the UP border. The updated report at 10:00 lists all highways across Wisconsin in good condition, but roads will deteriorate as snow continues to fall. Secondary roads that receive less traffic will be a problem.

Some snow has been falling overnight across parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Derek in Polk County of western Wisconsin has some pictures of snow this morning from his area - NW Wisconsin Weather blog.

I wanted to share a few pictures from the yard this morning.

1) my new snow depth gauge. my thanks to Mr. Hahn for the snowboard and depth gauge hook-up!!

2) a shot showing my weather station (mounted on the pole) with the snow gauge (towards the back) and the snowboard (on the right).

3) liquid and non-liquid precipitation coating my 4" rain gauge.

4) i switched the regular bird bath for the heated bird bath this morning. the little feather dusters don't seem to
appreciate an ice-skating rink.

5) some snow clinging to hemlock branches.

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