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Cold night ahead, some LES totals but it's still snowing.

The lake-effect snow (LES) took a while to really get going today, some very dry air sank south from Canada, suppressing the lake-machine. By noon the drier air moved through and periods of heavy snow were reported across the Penokee Range.

Very little snow has fallen along the low
elevations near the shoreline (like here on Maple Hill) so the Lk Effect Snow Advisory for Bayfield County has been allowed to expire.

The Lake Effect Snow Warning for the high terrain of Ashland and Iron counties continues overnight. Another 1 to 4" of snow is possible in the higher terrain, bringing totals bewteen 6 and 10" total by tomorrow.

Snow reports so far.

The snow is still falling, but reports have submitted snow numbers to NWS Duluth. I'll list a of the amounts:

6.0" Mellen, Ashland Co.
6.0" Montreal 10W, Iron Co.
5.5" Highbridge, Ashland Co.
4.0" Hurley, Iron Co.
3.5" Gile, Iron Co.
3.5" Upson, Iron Co.

This morning I only measured a TRACE of snow from overnight, and this evening it looks like another TRACE has fallen.

This map (to the right) shows NOHRSC's remotely sensed snow depth at midnight this morning. By tomorrow the blue areas will become darker blue (higher snow totals) and have expanded farther southwest into Wisconsin.

On top of the snow in the higher terrain, strong NW winds have been blowing across the region. I've seen reported gusts on the MesoWest site up to 30 mph this afternoon. The winds are forecast to decrease a little overnight, but combined with cold temperatures will cause windchill values to drop below zero by morning.

Cold tonight and Friday night.

This map (to the left) is from the NWS Graphical Forecast suite and shows the forecast temperature at 7:00 on Friday morning.

Single digits are painted across all of Minnesota and the northern half of Wisconsin. Coupled with the winds, forecast windchills will range from -10 degrees in the north section of the state up to 5 degrees across the south.

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