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25. 26. Post-storm snow totals from Nov 8-10. 27. 28.

A low pressure system brought snow and lake-effect snow to the region over the weekend.

Many areas received snow in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the UP of Michigan; however, the heaviest snow amounts were found in the snow belts of Wisconsin and Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior.

The elevations in these areas rise up over 1300 feet higher than Lake Superior (600 ft amsl), within 100 miles of the shoreline.

The top image is from NOHRSC and shows areas covered by snow on the early morning of November 11th.

This image (to the left) is one that I put together from reports indicating snowfall totals over the weekend.

Several counties had no one reports from observers or spotters.

The highest report in Wisconsin was at Giles in Iron County with 9.3 inches of snow. The highest I found in the UP was 12.8 inches 5 miles N of Shingleton in Alger County (off the right edge of my map).

And finally, a few pictures from the yard.

1) Snow falling on Sunday morning (9th).

2) Snow on the deck, the birdfeeder, and the trees off the deck.

3) The view out the kitchen window on Monday morning (10th).

4) Sunrise this morning (11th).

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