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It looks like a repeat performance of snow will occur tonight and Thursday night for the snow belts (again).

The NWS in Duluth has issued Lk Effect Snow Warnings for Ashland and Iron counties in northern Wisconsin, and a Lk Effect Snow Advisory for Bayfield county. This map (to the right) shows the watches, warnings, and advisories in effect.

The NWS in Marquette has issued Lk Effect Snow Advisories for the western UP counties. And the NWS in Green Bay has issued a Lk Effect Snow Advisory for Vilas county along the WI/UP.MI border.

The NWS's Daily Weather Stories will do a better job of graphically showing the locations apt to receive the highest snowfall.

The first one (
to the right) highlights the Penokee Range in red with snow totals over a foot possible. Lower elevations on either side of the range could see between 3 and 5" of snow.

In addition, the higher terrain of Bayfield county could see between 5 and 7" of snow, while the lower elevations (me) could see up to 5".

The advisory goes into effect at 18:00 this evening and runs through 0:00 Friday morning. The warnings begin at 18:00 this evening and end 6:00 on Friday.

This second graphic (to the right) is from the NWS in Marquette, showing expected snow amounts across the Upper Penninsula.

Like the last event?

The last snow event, this last Sunday and Monday, was a very similar set-up as the one coming up. However, some areas received a bit less snow than ideally would have fallen -- my location is one example: the official forecast of 2 - 5" was actually less than an inch at my house.

This snippet from NWS Duluth's morning disucssion indicates this event may be a little more efficient at snow than the last:

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