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I went around the yard this afternoon and took pictures of the plants currently flowering. The daffodils are still hanging on, trilliums and primroses are just beginning, chives and apples will start soon.

Frost Advisories continued last night.

All eight counties in far northern Wisconsin had a Frost Advisory issued overnight last night. This map (to the right) is from the NWS's Graphical Forecast suite and shows the forecast low temperatures last night.

Temperatures in many locations actually fell below freezing, luckily, I wasn't one of them... my low temperature was 37 degrees. I clipped a screenshot from MesoWest (to the left) that shows overnight low temperatures from across the region last night.

Strong storms possible on Sunday?

The SPC's Day 4-8 Outlook (below) already has the Upper Midwest outlined with the possibility of strong/severe thunderstorms.

The SPC's discussion states they have a high level of confidence that ingredients will be present to warrant an outlook this far away.

At the moment, this is a (relatively) long period of time away, forecasts will be tweaked and fine-tuned between now and then, but it's something worth watching. This may be our first widespread thunderstorm event across the area.

Looking ahead.

In the meantime, the forecast (above) shows dry and sunny weather before the weekend, with temperatures rising before Memorial Day.

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