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I took a walk in the woods behind the house before some light rain showers started.

This first picture (
to the right) was in a stand of White Birch, which are shedding some old bark for the new.

Today's numbers:

Temps: 36.2 / 67.1
Dewpts: from 33 up to 50 degrees
Winds: less than 10mph, E then NW
Barometer: falling from 29.92 to 29.67 "Hg
Sky: partly sunny morning then overcast

This second picture (to the left) is of a club moss (many varieties) along with some leaf litter and pieces of broken/rotten branches.

For size-reference I included the GPS until I was carrying at the time, it was large club moss and I didn't have anything else for scale.

As I was walking around, the clouds were darkening a little and an occasional speck of rain would fall from the sky, but it was pleasant with temperatures in the mid-60s and higher humidity, I had a great time!

The rain along the cold front was evident on color infrared satellite imagery.

This satellite screenshot (
to the right) was captured at 15:15 (local time) and has color enhancement to help bring the higher/colder cloud tops into easy view.

A line of heavier rain was developing across northern Minnesota earlier in the day, and was creating a nice cloud line from Canada down through Colorado and New Mexico.

Unfortunately, the band of rain began to fall apart as it moved into northern Wisconsin.

Regional radar image from this afternoon.

This Midwestern radar shot (to the left) is from Wunderground.com at 15:10 CDT.

The line of rain moving across Duluth/Superior began falling apart as it moved eastward. I suspect that the storms firing up in central Wisconsin might have robbed our moisture and energy, reducing the northern showers.

As of 20:20, I have received only 0.04" of rain, with most of the rain showers moving out of the area.

I was hoping for some heavier rain, especially since it was in the NWS forecast. However, the light rain will help with the green-up.

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