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25. 26. Rain slowly moving this way, not a bad day. 27. 28.

On radar, light rain is shown moving into the area this evening.

I finally found a regional radar map that is zoomed to the extent I want, from a source that really won't mind if I splash their name across the internet.

So, without further ado, this radar screenshot (to the right) comes from WCCO in the Twin Cities and shows regional radar/satellite at 19:49 this evening.

A trough of low pressure lies from southern Minnesota through western Lake Superior, with a center of low pressure just north of Sioux Falls (1006 mb). It looks like the rain will continue sliding to the east and northeast across the region this evening and overnight. HPC's QPF map still shows most of northern Wisconsin in an area that is likely to receive less than 0.30" of rain through Sunday.

Another coolish day, but sunshine this morning helped.

The day started out sunny and beautiful, but clouds invaded and winds began to pick up by noontime.

My measured high temperature was 57.2 at 11:30, after a morning low temperature of 35.9 at 4:45.

Winds were light, but from the east off the Lake, keeping things a little cooler. Pressure has been falling slightly as the low pressure approaches.
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