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A large area of low pressure will bring rain into the weekend.

This map (to the right), from Wunderground.com, shows current surface features across the Upper Midwest at 22:02 CDT.

A deep low was centered across the Siouxland (991 mb = 29.27 " Hg), with a warm front draped east to the southern Great Lakes and a cold front trailing down through Texas.

Tornado watches have been issued tonight from the Red River of the North to the Red River of the South. There have been 17 reports of possible tornadoes so far, listed on the SPC's storm report page.

Quite a bit of rain in the models.

This map (to the left) shows the Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) map from HPC for the next three days - 19:00 on Thursday through 19:00 on Sunday (CDT).

Over 2" of rain may fall over east-central Wisconsin and central Minnesota, with the rest of the region seeing around 1" by Sunday evening.

Of course, the models usually over-estimate, but even if that is the case, it's still quite a bit of rain.

Better weather in the forecast.

The low pressure (and all the rain) will continue to move northeast, leaving the area by Saturday night. Sunday and the first-half of next week look pleasant with sunshine and temperatures should return to near average. I've been below average with clouds and a cold wind off Lake Superior the last few days.


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