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Hefty rainfall amounts the past 24 hours, clearing this morning.

This radar image (to the right) shows radar-estimated rainfall from this system, from NWS Duluth.

Some reports from around the area:

2.06" Gurney, Iron Co.
2.01" La Point, Madeline Is., Ashland Co.
1.89" Port Wing - 3E, Bayfield Co.
1.86" Highbridge - 4SW, Ashland Co.
1.76" Moquah - 1SE, Bayfield Co
1.68" Clam Lake - 4NW, Bayfield, Co.
1.58" Saxon - 5N, Iron Co
Ashland, Ashland Co.
1.48" Hayward, Sawyer Co.
1.31" Superior - 2S, Douglas Co.
0.89" Winter, Sawyer Co.
0.86" Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN

Two streams are quickly reaching a high crest this morning.

Two streams, Whittlesey and Fish (west of Ashland and south of Washburn), have small watersheds in hilly and sandy terrain. Both have responded quickly to the recent rain. NWS Duluth has issued a Flood Advisory (to the left) this morning in case the streams rise enough to threaten US 2 and Highway 13.

current North Fish Creek Hydrograph
current Whittlesey Creek Hydrograph

Winds are calmer, sky is clearing.

This image (to the right), from UW's SSEC, shows a visible satellite view of Wisconsin at 10:32 this morning. The clouds and rain continue to pull away to the east, allowing sunshine to return.

This morning I measured 1.10" of new rain in the gauge, bringing the storm total at my location to 1.52".

At 7:00 this morning, snowflakes were falling onto the wet ground, with a temperature of 33.7.

On CoCoRaHS, there was a report (left) of 0.7" of snow this morning in eastern Washburn County, 2 miles NW of Stone Lake, or about 17 miles ENE of Spooner.

The strong east winds from yesterday and last night (Ashland's highest gust reached 38mph) have switched to the WNW. The gusts have also reduced as the low pressure pulls away - gusts this morning have remained below 20 mph at my location.

After afternoon temperatures around 37 degrees yesterday, forecast highs today will reach between 45 and 50.

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