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25. 26. Dry yesterday/overnight, maybe rain developing today? 27. 28.

All the rain showers stayed north and west of Maple Hill last night. The rain may begin moving east today.

A few sprinkles were noted in reports (NWS Duluth, WI COOP) from the region:

0.10" Grand Portage, Cook Co., MN
0.07" Embarrass, St. Louis Co., MN
0.03" Houghton, Houghton Co., MI 0.02" Hurley, Iron Co.
0.01" Oak Island, Ashland Co.

While there were some light showers 25 miles northeast of my house, I remained dry overnight. This radar screenshot (above) is from WCCO in the Twin Cities and shows light rain continuing northwest of Wisconsin. The forecast calls for the low pressure (29.62 "Hg) in western Minnesota to move across the region by this evening.

Low and cold front positions, with timing.

graphic (to the left) is from NWS Duluth and shows the forecast low positions through this evening, with approximate times that the cold front should move through the area.

The models shows that perhaps up to 0.3" of rain is possible across northern Wisconsin, more will be likely farther north across the International border region.

Even a few rumbles of thunder are possible across most of northwestern Wisconsin, but I won't hold my breath... the marine air that has been in place across the south shore will probably inhibit any thunder chances near the Lake.

Warmer today than yesterday, pressure continues to fall.

Only some brief sunshine this morning, but that has given way to clouds as the low pressure advances towards northern Wisconsin. The approaching low shows up nicely on the pressure plot (bottom, to the right): 29.72 "Hg and still falling.

Winds have been light so far, but have have been taking on the appearance of Lake breeze. Temperatures would be warmer if the winds could stay southerly instead of easterly.

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