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25. 26. 22,000 now confirmed dead in Burma, storms tonight. 27. 28.

The death toll of Cyclone Nargis skyrockets. Sunny and warm this morning will give way to thunderstorms by this evening.

Articles on Yahoo! and BBC outline how Burma's state news agency has reported 22,000 people were killed in the weekends' tropical cyclone. There are also reports that another 41,000 people are still missing.

I clipped some screenshots (
to the right) from the BBC's newest article, including a satellite image of the cyclone as it approached Southeast Asia last Friday and a map of the cyclone's path through Burma's capital of Rangoon.

This was only the first tropical cyclone of the Indian Ocean's hurricane season (Hurricanes are called Tropical Cyclones in the Indian Ocean, and Typhoons in the western Pacific).

This first storm was the equivalent to our rating scale of a high Category 3 hurricane. It passed over a delta region, bringing massive flooding from waves and wind, before passing over the capital city that is home to 6 million people.

A good chance of showers and thunderstorms across Wisconsin this afternoon/evening.

This map (
to the left), from the SPC, shows the probability of storms across the US today until 22:00 this evening.

The 40% contour corresponds with a risk of severe thunderstorms. The risk will be for hail greater than 3/4" and winds above 60 mph, tornadoes will not be likely with this system.

Over an inch of rain is possible across the northern part of the state.

This map (to the right), from the HPC, shows the model's forecast precipitation by 7:00 Wednesday morning.

The northern half of the state could see rainfall amounts approaching 1 inch. Of course, it is possible that the storm complex over Missouri may steal some moisture, leaving us with lesser precipitation amounts and weaker storms.

Warm temperatures forecast today, cooler tomorrow.

The graphic (to the left) shows the NWS forecast high temperatures today across the region.

A warm front will be lifting north across central Wisconsin and Minnesota through the afternoon. Temps will be warmer south of the front, but sunshine will warm the air on either side. The more sunshine we can receive today, the better possibility of thunderstorms.

Behind the rain and storm tonight, slightly cooler air will return tomorrow and Thursday - instead of widespread 70s, temperatures will be knocked back to the upper 50s and 60s.

Light rain enters back into the forecast for the weekend. With some luck, it won't be heavy or widespread. Regardless, temperatures look to remain near average for this time of year.

And lastly, two pictures from the yard.

1) Daffodils blooming throughout the flowerbeds.

2) The grass is beginning to green up the lawn, slowly. At least there is no rush to get the lawn-mower ready.

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