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25. 26. Warm with melting snow, a wet Sunday coming. 27. 28.

Beautiful skies and temps yesterday and now today! Snow is melting fast too!!

This first chart (to the right) is a screenshot from my weather station's software. Temperatures from the last seven days are shown, with a few of my own additions (e.g. average highs and lows).

Except for Monday's snowstorm, we've been above average for afternoon temps, and even warm low temps too.

The snow pack is taking a hit from the warmth.

This second chart (
to the left) shows my measurements of snow depth and a running total of snow fall throughout the winter. Again, I've added a few embellishments.

April 1st saw the deepest snow depth of the winter, and now three days later we are down by 6.2 inches. At this rate we'll be snow-free by the middle of next week.

Watching Sunday very closely!

This map (to the right) is from the NWS Duluth and shows their Weather Story for today.

The models are not in agreement of the exact location, nor the strength of the system... but a strong low pressure will move across the Rockies tomorrow.

HPC's QPF map puts my location between 1.25" and 1.5" of liquid by Monday morning, with a bullseye of 1.85" just north of Duluth.

The question turns to the exact placement of the rain/snow line. With that much liquid possible, someone may see heavy & wet snow. NWS Duluth is waiting for one more model run to gain more insight on how this system will behave before issuing any Watches.

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