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Some sunshine yesterday, another dusting of snow overnight.

The deck was whiter this morning than it should have been, so I snapped this picture (to the right). The temperature fell to 28.5 degrees at 4:40 but had risen to 30.6 by the time I took the picture.

The NWS forecast calls for a high near 40 degrees with a 30% chance of more flurries & snow showers today.

The coldest night in a while is forecast tonight, 20 degrees. The last time we reached down to 20 degrees was on March 29th... 31 days ago!!

Into perspective.

I put together the record and average temperatures for today's date in a table (to the left). The data's source is Ashland's UW-Experimental Farm, about 10 miles from my location, where records go back to 1906.

The record high was 90 degrees in 1952, the record low was 20 degrees in 1979. The current forecast indicates our high temp will be 17 degrees below average and the low temp will be 10 degrees below.

The interesting part is the record low temperature: 20 degrees. This is the same number in tonight's forecast for my location, however, the forecast calls for 22 at Ashland's reporting station at their airport. Either way, we'll be close to record low temperatures overnight. Brrrrrr!!!

The sunshine helped yesterday.

Most of the day on Sunday was sunny across the northern part of the state. This satellite image (to the right) comes from the UW-SSEC and shows clouds above Wisconsin at 15:45 local time yesterday.

Flurries were falling across Minnesota's Arrowhead region, while clouds covered far western Wisconsin before some flurries were reported west of Ladysmith and Eau Claire in the evening.

It was nice enough at my location that I spent several hours raking the lawn before it greens up. With some sun possible later in the week, hopefully the lawn will start changing from brown to green very soon.

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