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Sunshine this morning with warm temperatures.

Last night's snow quickly tapered off before daybreak, leaving some impressive numbers across northern Wisconsin. This spreadsheet (to the right) is my compilation of storm reports from NWS Offices in Duluth, Marquette, Green Bay, La Crosse, and Minneapolis.

From the spreadsheet, the highest amounts fell in the snowbelt of Iron and Ashland counties, the higher terrain helped to focus the snow. Winds across Lake Superior were favorable for lake-effect, but the north wind was very dry and water temperature matched air temperature.

Road and travel troubles.

Several schools across the area are closed today (those in the snowbelt): Hurley, Mercer, Mellen, Glidden, Drummond, Butternut, Park Falls, and Phillips. Others are delayed in starting by two hours.

This map (to the left) is from Wis DOT and shows road conditions from State Patrol at 10:00. Some roads across the western section of the state have improved this morning, plows are working and sunshine will help melt what's left on the roads.

Some pictures from around my house on the hill.

1) Looking down the driveway from the back steps. Some places in the driveway measured over 7", but these were just drifts from the wind gusts last night.

Yesterday's Number's:

Temps: lo: 28.4 hi: 36.5
Dpts: ranging between 24 and 28
Baro: from 30.15 to 29.95 "Hg
Winds: 5 mph NE/N gusting to 20
Snow: new : 5.8" snow pack: 21.6"

2) Looking at the back steps from the driveway's loop. Five foot snowbanks (from shoveling - not the plow!) and a now-buried compost tumbler.

I measured 5.8" this morning, which produced a water equivalent of 0.63" liquid. This gives an overall snow-to-liquid ratio of 9.2:1.

So far this winter 79.6" has fallen. Average is between 60 and 70 inches for my location so we're getting a little above. I also have a snow depth of 21.6", and this is the highest of the winter.

3) Looking at the backyard from the back steps.

With the warm temperatures forecast for today (mid 30s says the NWS) and sunshine, the snow will melt off the branches.

If you look closely at the tall Maple in the yard, the right side of the trunk is covered in snow. That side of the tree faces north - it looks like the winds were strong enough to plaster the falling snow to the bark.

The White Spruce are beautiful when they are drooping from the weight of the snow!!

4) Some snow on the branches of the Maples off the front deck. Pretty, but the birds will be disturbing it as they come out of hiding for some bird seed and the sun starts melting it off.

Snow numbers in a chart.

And finally, this is a chart (to the right) that I've been keeping this winter that shows a running total of snow fall
(the top dark line) and current snow depth (the bottom lighter line).

This is the first year I've been taking detailed snow depth measurements. I actually thought the snow pack would be deeper, but otherwise this is looking like a 'normal' winter.

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