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Winter Storm Warnings and Flood Watches blanket the region, rain yesterday with more coming today.

This graphic (to the right) is from NWS Duluth and shows the warnings, watches, and advisories that each county in the region is under.

Areas of heavy snow will occur across northern Minnesota this afternoon, evening, and overnight. Rain will be heavy at times across northern Wisconsin, turning to snow overnight, with snow accumulations between 2 and 3 inches by Saturday.

Regardless, most areas will see rain and then snow, continuing the grey and wet trend from yesterday. So far, rivers and streams are showing a rise from runoff, but are staying below levels that may cause trouble.

A few storms yesterday morning before the rain began.

I took this radar screen capture (to the left) at 8:37 yesterday morning. Steady rain was moving north across central Minnesota and Wisconsin, but small storms fired ahead of the rain. Unfortunately, I didn't hear any thunder from these micro-cells, but radar did indicate some brief small hail.

A small storm trekked north, just west of my house.

This radar screen capture (to the right) was taken at 9:28 yesterday morning. This little cell had been moving north over Bayfield county for 30 minutes before it achieved a position just a few miles west of me.

A friend experienced this cell, very near the time of this screenshot. He reported no thunder, only some brief heavy rain and then sleet. That explains the impressive presentation on radar (max of 53
dBz !) but no thunder - internal frozen precipitation was producing a higher reflectivity on radar.

Not a nice day to be outside.

This graphic (to the left) is today's Weather Story from NWS Duluth, showing highlights from the forecast through tomorrow.

Areas where heavy snow is possible are highlighted in blue. Rain elsewhere that will transition to snow overnight as temperatures drop below freezing.

The forecast high temperature for my location today is 55 degrees with rain and thunderstorms. Currently it's a chilly and damp 41 degrees while the rain continues to approach from the south.

Average high temperatures should be around 54 degrees and low temperatures around 32. In actuality, today's temps are average, but will dip below average the next few days.

Snow is almost gone.

This was the view (to the right) from my kitchen window yesterday morning.

In the section of the yard that I measure snow depth I was unable to obtain a measurement. However, in a few areas of the yard where the snow had drifted and the trees provide shade, I still have a little snow remaining.

This morning, the snow patch pictured, has melted to only a few scattered square feet of white. Today's rain will erase the rest.

The punchline is that tonight's snow may turn everything white again!!

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