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Storm's over & numbers are tallied. Map updated at 14:00.

NWS Duluth was pretty quick in producing a map showing reported snowfall amounts across northern Wisconsin and northeastern Minnesota. I usually wait a little longer for them to release a map, but I suppose many people are anxious to see where the highest amounts were. Some maximum wind gusts are also shown on the map (white numbers).

My measurements:

10.4" total.

1.62" water equivalent.

17.3" current snow pack depth.
90.0" accumulated winter total.

31 mph highest wind gust.

14 mph highest sustained wind speed.

NE dominant wind direction.

Some wind speed charts.

I took two charts (to the right) of wind speed, from MesoWest, spanning the last two days. The top one is at Duluth's Sky Harbor on Minnesota Point. The bottom one is located about 15 miles west of Washburn, WI (or about 7.4 miles north of Ino, WI).

Some local peak wind gusts:

62 mph - Duluth's Airport
54 mph - Duluth's Sky Harbor
49 mph - Hayward
47 mph - Ashland
43 mph - Superior

Radar image addendum.

I found this saved radar image on my desktop, so I thought I'd add it (to the left).

It's from 9:58, yesterday, April 11th and shows Base Reflectivity from KDLH in Duluth, MN. Layered on top of the radar are ASOS observations across Minnesota and Wisconsin, showing wind barbs and sky coverage.

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