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I meant to post this last night, but I got a little too busy.

To start this post off, I was amazed to see the Day 1 Convective Outlook from the SPC (to the right), valid from 15:00 yesterday until 7:00 this morning.

After all the tornadoes and severe thunderstorms with flooding rain the past several months, a quiet thunderstorm map is almost impressive. Chances of thunderstorms return today, but no severe weather is expected for at least the next three days.

The recent snow shouldn't stick around with warming temperatures.

This graphic (to the left) is NWS Duluth's Weather Story yesterday, and is essentially unchanged today.

The numbers in orange are forecast temperatures today, and the red are tomorrow's forecast high. Clear skies are forecast with winds increasing by tomorrow from the south.

Text accompanying the Weather Story states: "
River levels will need to be monitored for localized flooding or ice jams with the rapid snow melt expected."

A high pressure will continue to dominate the weather, but will yield to a cold front that is forecast to sweep across the western Great Lakes on Wednesday... maybe a little rain.

And finally, an introduction to something that I'll be posting pictures of the next few days...

It looks like a snow monster (the middle creature in the picture to the right), or the bunny off of Donnie Darko, or maybe the Abdominal Snowman's hideous cousin.

A sunny and warm Sunday afternoon prompted my friend Brian (right) and me to attempt a Frankensteinian project and build a snowman. The, umm... horns/ears, were not my doing :)

Pictures each day will follow, and will be posted the next several days under the project title "The Death of Frosty".

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