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The system is slowly departing, leaving plenty of snow to the north.

Over 2 feet of snow fell overnight, north and west of Duluth, making for a difficult life today -- 19 reports of closed schools (several others delayed) and up to 2000 people with power outages in central St. Louis county, The news story for Duluth's Northland News Center is here.

I put together this map (to the right) from storm reports listed on the NWS Duluth website. 32 new inches was the highest, reported 5 miles north of Virgina on the Iron Range.

The sharp cutoff of snow actually follows the high terrain pretty well, perhaps the elevation helped to focus the snow. Virginia and Hibbing are almost a thousand feet higher than Lake Superior!

Temperatures are still mild across the area.

The map (to the left) shows temperatures and reported weather at ASOS stations across the Northwoods at 10:12 this morning.

Asterisks (*) indicate snow currently falling, while solid bullets denote rain. Equal signs show light fog and the 8 on its side indicates haze.

Temps in the 30s are common in the central part of the state with 40s along the north and east. Temperatures will probably dip below freezing tonight but begin to recover tomorrow. Have to watch two systems... on Tuesday and Friday.

It was only rain across northern Wisconsin last night.

The NWS mentioned the possibility of some snow mixing in with rain overnight, but temperatures remained just a notch above freezing, keeping it all rain.

This radar screenshot (to the right) is from 17:57, centered on Duluth, showing the rain across northwestern Wisconsin and the Arrowhead of Minnesota.

Rain in the gauge.

This morning I measured 0.3 inches of rain in my gauge (featured in this picture). My weather station (in the background) measured 0.26". The station is usually a hair less that the 4" rain gauge... that's why I like keeping a manual back-up!

I am down to 10.9" of snow pack this morning, the rain melted 1.4" overnight. In the last week 10.7" has melted!! Overnight temperatures did not fall below freezing, like I assumed they would - my low was 32.2 degrees.

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