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Pictures and a video below from earlier today, first a report from wind damage.

This is the first storm report from the Blizzard area tonight, occurring even before the snow has begun falling.

I have 32.1 degrees at 19:00. Wind gusts in my sheltered location have gusted as high as 26mph, with peak gusts of 31 mph outside of Bayfield and 34 mph at the airport in Ashland.

17:45 trees reported down one mile south of Washburn, Bayfield Co.
18:55 at Duluth's Harbor: sustained 56 mph with gusts up to 65 mph.
20:49 snow starting at my location on Maple Hill.
22:00 Wisconsin DOT lists Highway 53 between Superior and Spooner as IMPASSABLE.

Pictures from this afternoon.

1) From Memorial Park on the northeast end of Washburn, looking northwards up the shoreline on Chequamegon Bay. Still iced over.

2) From the same location as number one, but looking down the cliff at the beach and the rocks. The bigger rocks in the ice are over a foot across. Cracks in the ice are becoming evident.

3) Washburn's Marina, solid ice. In the background is the city of Ashland across the southern end of Chequamegon Bay.

4) The sailboats that will be in the marina within a month or so. The winds were whistling in the rigging lines and masts of these dry-docked boats - I have absolutely no knowledge of the bits and pieces of watercraft.

And lastly, a video (below). I took it as I was standing on Washburn's pier, looking mainly north. Everything is still iced over except 40 or 50 feet nearest the pier. Gusts were hitting me that were at least 25 mph from the north, and this was earlier in the afternoon when the winds weren't that bad :)

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