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DoF = Creation + 8 Days

I'm afraid that Frosty's death is imminent - with rain only a few hours away, his time is short.

Pictures of Frosty today have been uploaded to my Picasa album The Death of Frosty.

Today was warmer with more sunshine than yesterday; the marine layer that plagued the south shore yesterday was more modified today.

Inland locations climbed into the 70s, while the shoreline stayed twenty degrees cooler.

I measured a high temperature of 59.5 degrees at 16:08. This was the third warmest day this year so far.

There is still snow in the yard, though much has melted the past few days. Scout guessed that today would be day that the snow became unmeasureable. Apparently not, since my average depth was 2.3 inches. Sorry Scout!! I guessed tomorrow (the 22nd). Any rain that falls will help me, but the rain is not a guarantee.

Rain moving this way overnight.

A cold front continues a slow push east, triggering rain and scattered thunderstorms along the boundary.

This radar screenshot (to the right) from Wunderground.com, shows regional radar at 19:50. The rain and storms continued to slide to the northeast as the line pushes east into Wisconsin.

Cooler air will be felt behind the front on Tuesday night, when the low temperature could fall to near freezing, but the strong angle of the sun will modify the air mass and keep us from cooling down too much.

Rain getting closer.

This is a screen capture (to the left) that I took of my radar program centered on Duluth, showing the area of rain. Range rings show the outer reach of the radar beam over northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

My lightning sensor has clicked several times this evening, indicating some detected lightning within 100 miles of my location in northeast Bayfield County. This would suggest that there are a few thunderstorms embedded in the rain.

A warm mid-week and then more rain chances.

If the forecast high for Wednesday turns out as correct, it will be our warmest day of the year.

Already, the system on Thursday looks like it may produce quite a lot of rain across Wisconsin.

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