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DoF = Creation + 5 Days

Who knew he'd last this long? I was trying to think of a quantitative way to determine Time of Death, but a qualitative method was suggested: "when you can no longer recognize what it is". To the point, but it only brings another question to mind - does the viewer know (or not?) that the remaining chunk of snow was a snowman?

I still see part of Frosty, that's part of his formerly large ass still sitting there!! Today's pictures of Frosty have been uploaded to my Picasa album The Death of Frosty.

Today was another grey and gloomy day here in far northern Wisconsin. The scattered rain that has been falling over the rest of Wisconsin is having problems overcoming a very dry northeast wind from a Hudson Bay high pressure. Dew point depressions today in Ashland were 13 degrees while in Phillips light rain fell with a depression of only a degree or two. The forecast calls for rain to push north and west by tomorrow, bringing sporadic rain showers to the area. This will help melt the remaining snow in my yard... and the rest of Frosty's derrière.

This evening I measured 5.5 inches of snow remaining on the ground. Frosty's photo shows bare patches of brown grass but there are large areas of my yard still snow-covered. My snow depth measurements are an average of multiple random & representative measurements. Keeping my measurements representative is becoming harder and harder as the balance of snow-to-grass ratio decreases.

Temperatures did not rise nearly as high as the last several days, my highest today was 46.4 degrees at 12:50. Sustained winds remained below 5 mph with gusts no higher than 10 from the northeast.

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