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Warnings are solidly in place across the northern third of Wisconsin for the upcoming winter storm.

The forecast snow amounts have not changed since yesterday, but were narrowed down in counties that previously were under Watches.

On this radar shot from the NWS (to the right), you can see the comma-head of the low pressure system as it slowly moves northeast. A narrow band of heavy rain and strong/severe storms currently extend from Missouri down into Texas, while a broader shield of rain/snow stretches from Colorado east to the western Great Lake States.

A deep and broad system.

A look at surface pressures (to the left) this morning from
Hourly U.S. Weather Statistics shows quite a large area of depressed pressure in the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle area.

The lowest pressure at 7:00 was reported in Hutchison, KS at 991mb (29.27 "Hg). That's a bit low, but it lines up well with the initialization of the models, meaning they have a good grasp of it's current strength. The models show strengthening of the low pressure as it moves northeast, and bring it to a 987 mb (29.15 "Hg) as it nears southern Wisconsin. With the Hudson high pressure to the north, it's easy to see how tight the pressure gradient, and therefore the winds, will be on the north side of this system.

Impacting a very large area.

This map (to the right) is from the SPC and shows current Watches, Warnings, and Advisories across the US.

Winter Storm/Blizzard Warnings extend from Lake Superior back into the central Rocky Mountains.

Flood Watches and Warnings blanket the central states with Tornado Watches yesterday and today.

High Wind Warnings and Advisories are scattered on all sides of the system.

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