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DoF = Creation + 6 / 7 Days

Frosty's struggle to overcome April continues, but probably not beyond today or tomorrow.

I skipped posting for two days, so I am catching up with two photos (to the right). I'll be back on schedule tonight with a re-cap from today. Also, a few weather tidbits to talk about later in the post.

Snow depth continues to decrease at the same rate as Frosty has been
disappearing, but snow still remains. On the 19th (the first photo) I measured an average snowdepth of 4 inches. On the 20th (the second photo) I got the calculator out for some in-depth measurements and found an average of 3.4 inches.

I'll get a photo or video tonight of the remaining snow in the yard. In the meantime, pictures of Frosty from the last two days have been uploaded to my Picasa album The Death of Frosty.

Since there is still a chunk of Frosty still visible on the now brown lawn, I'll continue until he melts into oblivion. He's been an interesting experiment!!

My snow depth chart.

The chart (to the left) that I've been adding to, and posting updates of, all winter, is almost at the end. In the next few days, the last day of winter should occur, based on the criteria OSNW3 and I have been talking about. More on this when it happens.

As of last night, I'm down to 3.4 inches of snow currently on the ground. The season's total was 90 inches, which is above normal by almost two feet.

Temperatures: up & down.

I worked the last month's temperature data from my weather station into a screenshot with additions (to the right). The solid red line is measured high temps, the solid blue is measured lows. The thin lines are average temperatures based on climatological data for each date.

There have been several days quite a bit above average, and several below -- it all averages out. Yesterday a marine layer was entrenched across Lake Superior with very cold & moist air. Light northeast winds pushed the layer across the Twin Ports and the south shore of Lake Superior. Fog persisted most of the day with visibilities down to 500 feet. My high temperature reached only 40.6 degrees, while 70s were reached one tier of counties south. The south shore's weather will be modified today by more sunshine and winds that will begin to shift to the south, bringing up a different airmass ahead of a storm system that will impact us overnight.

The upcoming system.

A closed low pressure will spin across the western Great Lakes today and tonight, bringing a cold front across northern Wisconsin by midnight. A band of heavy rain is possible as the front moves through, even some thunderstorms are possible across the region.

This map (
to the left) is from the SPC and shows expected thunderstorms today. Most of Wisconsin will likely see some thunderstorms, but the severe action will likely stay south in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. A slight hail chance exists across central Minnesota and western Wisconsin in the early evening hours.

The biggest threat.

While thunder is likely, the biggest impact will not be hail or winds across northern Wisconsin - heavy downpours look possible instead.

This map (to the right) is from the HPC and shows expected precipitation amounts in the next 48 hours. A bullseye of higher rainfall is centered on the Arrowhead of Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. Up to 1 inch of rain is possible around the Twin Ports, with up to 1/2 inch possible elsewhere.

Streams are running high from recent snow melt, the ground is saturated where it is not still frozen, and more snow exists in the the higher terrain and forested locations. Heavy rainfall will only make soft gravel roads worse and bring even muddier conditions to everyone's back yard.

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week.

In recognition of the special occasion, the National Weather Service in Duluth will be hosting a live Weather Radio show.

To listen to this live radio show, tune into the network of Weather Radio across the northland at 19:00 on Thursday, or navigate over to this page to listen via the internet.

Anyone that wants to find out how to listen by Weather Radio can ask me if they need some help with the details.

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