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DoF = Today, Creation + Day 9

Rain early this morning did him in, Frosty est morte!!!

I found 0.83" of liquid in my rain gauge this morning, there were some nice thunderstorms between 2:30 and 3:30 this morning. Unfortunately, it wasn't
enough to melt all the snow in the yard.

I often wonder about the temperature of rain, last night's apparently wasn't very warm. If it didn't happen in the middle of the night, I might have tired to stick a thermometer in a styrofoam cup outside.

The final picture was added this morning to my Picasa album The Death of Frosty.

Looks like everyone saw some rain overnight.

I took the storm total image from NWS Duluth and added precipitation numbers from this morning's round-up from Coop Observers across Wisconsin.

The highest total across northwest Wisconsin seems to be Highbridge in northcentral Ashland county, at 1.68".

The cold front continues to push east today, bringing lines of rain and thunderstorms to eastern Wisconsin.

Drought is finished?

Last week the U.P. of Michigan and northern Wisconsin were removed from the drought intensity D0: Abnormally Dry. The map (to the right) is from the U.S. Drought Monitor and shows this week's drought map.

This marks the fist time in two years that the U.P. of Michigan has not had a drought classification.

It's also good news for northern Wisconsin, which has also been suffering dry conditions the past two years. Last year marked the first year in that the rice harvest on the Bad River was canceled due to extremely low water levels.

April has been wet on Maple Hill, I've measured 3.88" of liquid. With an average of 2.29", this is 1.59" (169%) above normal.

Earth Day.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, primarily founded by Gaylord Nelson - former Governor and U.S. Senator
of Wisconsin.

The United Nations first started celebrating Earth Day in 1969 on the Spring Equinox. Of course, we have to be different in the U.S.

Take some time to do make a small difference!!

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