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DoF = Creation + 4 days

Frosty continues to fade away to nothingness, even the snow pack surrounding him won't last much longer. But this raises a question that I've been thinking of since I began this quest... when do you call the Time of Death for a snowman??

This post is delayed and will be short due to the fact that I've come down with a nasty cold, the first I've gotten sick for over a year - I should have known sooner or later I'd catch something. With my head a little foggy, I'm sorry to say that I can't think of a snappy title to today's post.

This picture (to the upper right) was the last that I snapped of Frosty today, at 17:57. The day was mostly cloudy, but temperatures still managed to climb above 55 degrees, but the dry air behind yesterday's cold front is probably helping sublimation. As of this post, the newest pictures of Frosty will be uploaded to my Picasa album The Death of Frosty.

The photo shows the snow pack depth is rapidly decreasing; I measured an average snow depth of 7.1". Measuring snow depth will become trickier within the next few days, as I'll have a mostly melted yard and a snowdrift along the treeline. It'll be fun getting random & representative points to average.

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