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DoF = Creation + 2 days

It looks like Frosty's head has been dealt a blow by today's warmth, winds were gusting up to 21 mph and I had a high temperature of 59.8 degrees at 17:00. Last night's temperature remained above freezing (36.9) and a low of 42 is forecast tonight.

Snow depth continues to decrease, this evening I measured 11.6 " on the ground, that's 2.9 " less than yesterday.

A chance of showers enter the NWS forecast across northern Wisconsin tomorrow and tomorrow night. Clouds may limit insolation, but warm air is still arriving on south winds. It looks like the best dynamics and forcing remains north of Wisconsin, so I may not see much in the way of precipitation.

Today's picutres of Frosty have been added to my Picasa album: The Death of Frosty.

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