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A quick measurement this afternoon during a break in the snow.

I took two pictures of depths (
to the right) as I quickly poked around outside at 15:30. More snow is possible later this afternoon and tonight, so this is not yet a final measurement.

Warnings downgraded.

NWS Duluth has downgraded the previous Blizzard Warnings to Winter Storm Warnings, in effect until 7:00 Saturday morning, for an additional 2 to 4" across northern Wisconsin overnight.

Strong wind gusts near Lake Superior will also continue into the evening, as high as 45 mph. The highest wind gust I have measured in my forested location has been 31 mph.

Two pictures.

1) All the tree branches drooping under the weight of the heavy snow. This is a look at the front yard.

2) The steps leading down from the deck to the front yard. Looks like I have a bit of shoveling to do tomorrow!

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