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3.17.08 Monday 21:41

Advisories across central Minnesota and western Wisconsin have been discontinued. NWS Minneapolis' discussion at 19:11 mentions some dry air working into the system, which will probably keep snow totals lower.

The NWS in Duluth continues a Snow Advisory for the counties in northwestern Wisconsin until 7:00 Tuesday morning for between 3 to 5 inches south of Duluth/Superior and lesser amounts east of that.

3.17.08 Monday 18:15

Most Advisories and Watches have been switched over to Snow Advisories due to reduced snow expectations. But the lower Eau Claire Valley may see the higher amounts and have a Winter Weather Advisory.

Two maps from the NWS (to the left) show current advisories at 16:00. Below both maps I have added which counties are in each advisory and how much snow is now expected there.

Snow beginning across the far north.

After a few flakes on/off all day, the snow actually began here at my house at 17:00.

The radar screenshot (to the right) shows Duluth's radar a few minutes before 17:00.

Some dry air at the surface kept the snow from reaching the ground for several hours, but now the atmosphere has moistened and I have large flakes of moderate snow.

A quick picture.

I just snapped this picture (to the left) out of my living room window. It's hard to see the large flakes swirling down, but it's easy to see the deck beginning to turn white.

Snow amounts have been lowered since this morning, the lift seems to be quickly leaving the area and the moisture has been trapped across the lower Midwest where a large amount of rain is expected to fall - robbing the moisture that could have been ours.

2 to 4 inches are forecast for my location, and we do need the moisture up here. We are hoping for a healthy snow pack to melt in a few weeks to help us recover from a two year drought.

As of this morning I measured 17.3 inches of snow on the ground, if we do receive four inches here, that will boost me up to the highest snow pack depth of the winter.

3.17.08 Monday 10:30

NWS Duluth changed their Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Weather Advisory of 3 to 6 inches.

NWS Minneapolis has continued the Winter Storm Watch across western Wisconsin and central Minnesota.

3.16.08 Sunday 16:45

Winter Storm Watches issued by the NWS in Minneapolis and Duluth

Information concerning the rest of northwest Wisconsin can be found on Derek's NW Wisconsin Weather blog.

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