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Just a quick post to give an updated map of Skywarn Spotter classes.

A few more classes have been added since my first posting of this map (to the right). Since classes are now being held, I would imagine these locations are final and no more will be added.

My first post concerning Skywarn classes and locations with website links is here. Details of each class (e.g. day/time, exact location) can be found on each respective NWS Office's website.

Weather Radio coverage.

As an imbasela, ('bonus' in Bemba) I wanted to throw in a map of Weather Radio transmitters across northern Wisconsin.

The frequency (in MHz) is plotted in red inside each transmitter's broadcast range circle. This map was created by Nate Elsner and is linked through the Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association (MASA)'s website, the full version can be viewed here.

A different statewide map of all Weather Radio transmitters can be found here.

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