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A news article from the Northland's News Center 3/6 in Duluth:

Superior Mayor Dave Ross Is Pushing For The Great Lakes Compact

Superior Mayor Dave Ross is putting his foot down and demanding that the Great Lakes Compact be passed now.

Wisconsin officials have been working to get this bill passed for the last two years.

The Great Lakes Compact will make it illegal to export water from the Great Lakes outside the watershed.

"As our nation's need for water grows in other parts of the country, we must protect this drinking water and protect the water from being taken to other parts of our nation," said Superior Mayor Dave Ross.

As state officials have worked on getting this bill passed, they've made some amendments to the Compact...

Including changing the amount of water that industries can take out of Lake Superior, from two-million gallons per day to five-million gallons per day.

"We certainly don't want to tie our hands to the point where this asset becomes something we can only look at, rather than use for industrial growth and for the benefit of our citizens that live on the Great Lake," said Mayor Ross.

Controversy over the bill arose when citizens began voicing concerns that the compact will put the Murphy Oil expansion in jeopardy.

Mayor Ross disagrees saying the Great Lakes Compact will boost the economy.

"Protecting these resources will bring an economic benefit and I'm not just talking canoers and kayakers. I'm talking about industry and I'm talking about expansion, and I'm talking about wise use and wise stewardship of these waters," said Mayor Ross.

Mayor Ross plans to bring this resolution before the Superior city council. Then the Great Lakes Compact will go to the Wisconsin legislature.

Out of the eight states surrounding the Great Lakes, only three - Minnesota, Indiana, and Illinois - have passed the Great Lakes Compact.

The two Canadian provinces that border the Lakes - Ontario and Quebec - have also signed.

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